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Introduction to Tutorials

This section of tutorials is not targeted toward people with extensive patternmaking experience. This section is intended to assist users who may be new to the pattern making process and who are using one of the pattern making systems for which Valentina is designed. Valentina provides many useful features but it does not create a pattern without the appropriate input.

For a more detailed instructions to the Valentina program, please see the User Manual

A list of Patternmaking References is available in the User Manual. This tutorial is intended to contain basic tutorials on creating a simple pattern with each system.

Basic Blocks

Bodice Blocks

Some patternmaking systems create the Bodice Bront and Bodice Back as a single pattern piece.

Sleeve Blocks

Most Bodice, Dress, Shirt, Jacket, and Coat blocks contain a related sleeve pattern. If you need to change sleeves on existing garments or patterns, you can measure around the armhole of the garment or pattern, then generate an independent sleeve pattern using the arm length and circumference measurements from a standard (multi-size) or individual .vit file.

Skirt Blocks

Pants Blocks

Block Combinations

Dress Blocks from Bodice and Skirt Blocks

Jacket and Coat Blocks from Bodice Blocks

Block Variations and Techniques

This section is not designed to be a textbook on fashion design. It is intended to be a discussion of techniques that are used among many of the reference material on patternmaking and design. This is by no means an exhaustive list. The types of variations possible are limited only by the imagination of the designer.

Many methods exist to transform a pattern into a different style. Many women's patterns use darts to shape the garment. Moving the dart can open up possibilities for design variations. Techniques such as slash, spread, and pivot are commonly used in several systems. This section will describe how to use Valentina to implement these techniques.

Bodice Block variations

Some additional variations will be discussed here including the princess seam, curved dart, shoulder darts, shoulder gathers, and the addition of a yoke.

Sleeve Block variations

Many variations are possible beginning with a basic sleeve pattern.

Skirt Block variations

  • Variation #1 (stub)
  • Variation #2 (stub)

Pants Block Variations

  • Variation #1 (stub)
  • Variation #2 (stub)

Dress Block Variations

  • Variation #1 (stub)
  • Variation #2 (stub)

Jacket Block Variations

  • Variation #1 (stub)
  • Variation #2 (stub)

Coat Block Variations

  • Variation #1 (stub)
  • Variation #2 (stub)