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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Glossary[edit | edit source]

Listed here are terms used in Seamly2D. The Term column is sortable.

Term Definition
Draft First phase of a Seamly2D pattern, created using the Point, Line, Curve, Arc, and Circle tools in Draw Mode.
Workpiece Second phase of a Seamly2D pattern, created with the Detail tool in Draw Mode. Add seam allowances, labels, grainlines, passmarks, internal paths, and join Workpieces together in Detail Mode.
Layout Final phase of a Seamly2D pattern, created with the Layout tools in Layout Mode. For large format printers, select the paper size of the printer which must be able contain the largest Workpiece in your pattern. For desktop printers, select any paper size which can hold all of your pattern pieces, then print your Layout as a Tiled PDF onto A4 or Letter sized paper.

Vocabulary Update[edit | edit source]

Up until the version 0.6.0 of Seamly2D, some of the english vocabulary was wrong throughout the source code and the UI.

Here is a list of the uncorrect words and their correction.

Uncorrect english Term Correct english Term
Passmark Notch
Printer fields Printer margins
Increments Ease (or Variable, depending on how we want to use them, or Parameter)

(nb. Ease is just one use for these)

Detail Pattern piece
Pattern piece Draft / Drawing

Priority Translation Request[edit | edit source]

The following table contains a specialized list of terms specific to pattern drafting. Many of these terms are difficult to translate using tools like Google translate. Forum users are invited to add special terms in their language and suggest translations.

English español Deutsch Italian Français Português Dutch Finnish Russian Afrikaans
pivot point

a point around

which a group

of objects can

be rotated

pivot point Pivotpunkt Punto di rotazione Point de pivot ponto de rotação draaipunt Ivpivot-piste точка вращения (tochka vrashheniya) draaipunt
dart Abnäher Ripresa выточка (vytochka) pyltjie
seam Cucitura шов (shov) naat
seam allowance Margine di cucitura припуск на шов (pripusk na shov) naat toelae