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When navigating through the web you might get confused because you encouter various names, apparently all beeing more a less the same program : Valentina, LibreFashion and Seamly2D.

This page aims to clarify the situation.

History[edit | edit source]

At the begining, the software was called "Valentina", and the measurement app "Tape". For a few years, a core team worked together on the project.

After some creative differences, the team split up in july 2017, inducing a so called fork. In this Wikipedia Article, you can read more about what a fork is.

Out of one project, two were created. Both using the same code base which was used at the moment of the split. From this moment on, both project started to grow apart as they both had two different visions.

The first project - now known as Seamly2D - was to be renamed LibreFashion after a community vote. Later after a second vote, the project was finally renamed "Seamly2D". The measurement application was renamed "SeamlyMe".

The second project lives on under the name Valentina.

The rebranding takes time[edit | edit source]

It might be confusing that some of the links and pictures throughout the web presence of Seamly2D still mention "Valentina". The rebranding is a process that takes time, especially in an open source community where everybody works during their free time. Be patient :-)