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Bienvenido a Seamly2D wiki!

Esperamos que encuentres aquí toda la información que necesitas para empezar a usar Valentina para la creación de patrones de costura.

Valentina is changing it's name to LibreFashion!

LibreFashion is open source patternmaking software. You have the right to use, sell, share, and distribute your patterns in any way you wish.
LibreFashion is available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux, downloadable from our website.
We hope you will find here all the information that you need to start using LibreFashion to create sewing patterns.
If you have questions, submit them on our active, friendly FORUM.

Valentina te permite crear patrones digitales hechos a medida utilizando las fórmulas tradicionales de patronaje, que se pueden compartir. La aplicación hija de Valentina "Cinta", te permite crear archivos con medidas para ti y para otras personas. También puedes crear tablas "standard" multitalla.

Here's the workflow:

  1. Open or create a LibreFashion pattern file.
  2. Open or create a Tape measurement file.
  3. Create points, lines, curves, circles, and arcs using your formulas to create your initial drafts.
  4. Create outlines of pattern pieces, called 'Workpieces'.
  5. Enter Detail mode, then add seam allowances, letters, labels, grainlines, passmarks, cutting instructions, and internal paths/lines/curves to your Workpieces. Also, you can combine Workpieces, and select which workpieces will be included in your layout image.
  6. Enter Layout mode, then create a large layout image to contain all of your selected finished Workpieces.
  7. Print your large layout image to your large format printer or plotter. OR, print your large layout image as a tiled PDF to your desktop A4 or Letter printer.

¿Que es Valentina?

Valentina es un programa multiplataforma que permite a los diseñadores crear y modelar patrones de ropa. Este software permite la creación de patrones ya sea utilizando tablas de medidas estándar o un conjunto de mediciones personalizadas. Combina las nuevas tecnologías con los métodos tradicionales para crear una herramienta de creación de patrones única.

General information

Information here is dedicated to all LibreFashion wiki readers.

Advanced Topics in LibreFashion

Implementing Pattern Systems with LibreFashion

  1. Pattern Systems

Advanced Patternmaking with LibreFashion

  1. Overview
  2. Wovens
    1. Block Patterns
    2. Tops, Shirts, Blouses
    3. Sleeves
    4. Jackets, Coats
    5. Skirts
    6. Pants, Jeans, Trousers, Overalls, Jumpsuits
  3. Knits
    1. Loose Fitting Knits
    2. Close Fitting Knits
    3. Tight Fitting Knits
  4. Underwear & Lingerie
  5. Corsets
  6. Sports, dance and active Wear

Historical Costume Patternmaking with LibreFashion

If you would like to contribute to this section, by all means do! This is a wiki, after all. YOU create the content.

Developer information

Information here is to assist developers.

Información del usuario

Sección para los usuarios comunes de Valentina.