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Pattern Systems[edit | edit source]

Pattern making is a process that has traditionally been has required extensive effort. The workflow can be made easier by the use of tools like those provided in Valentina. The instructions in this part of the Valentina wiki will provide help in implement a specific pattern making system using the Valentina tools. The workflow for creating a pattern with Valentina includes defining the

  • measurements
  • formulas
  • details
  • layout

information using the tools. The Valentina program operates in three modes. These are the Draw Mode, the Detail Mode, and the Layout Mode.

Step 1: Measurements

The Tape app will provide the ability for the user to enter all measurements required for each pattern.

The wiki section on measurements for each pattern block will list the measurements required (Like the ingredients for a recipe) as derived from the book, and will map each to an appropriate Valentina equivalent measurement or formula. Instructions will be provided on how to enter and save these measurements using the book's template in the Tape app.

Step 2: Formulas

In Draw Mode:

  • Describe how to create a new pattern, name it, load the measurement file from Step 1, and save.
  • List what to enter into the pattern file properties. This info will appear in the pattern piece labels.
  • List each instruction to create the book's pattern points & lines & curves, along with how that instruction is adapted for Valentina. Sometimes a group of book formulas are replaced with a single Valentina formula, other times a single manual instruction (usually slash & spread, or rotate) is replaced with several Valentina formulas. Use the template's measurement names in the formulas.

Step 3: Details

The drawings in the book won't typically look like the results in Draw mode This section describes how to create the final pattern pieces with seam allowances, labels, etc. so that they look like the drawings in the book, and adding labels and seam allowances.

In Draw Mode:

  • Create the internal placement lines for pockets, etc.
  • Create the passmark points.
  • Enter the correct pattern description info in File/Properties.
  • Create the detail outlines.

In Detail Mode:

  • Join pieces together (if needed)
  • Create the seam allowances
  • Enter the correct pattern piece description in Seam Allowance tool (Are any of the pieces for interfacing or lining, or cut on the fold? How many pieces are to be cut of each fabric?)
  • Show how to arrange the labels on each pattern piece.

Step 4: Layout

In Layout Mode:

  • Create the total Layout image containing the currently generated pattern pieces
  • Print the total Layout image:
       on a single sheet big enough to the hold the total Layout image, 


       tiled across several smaller sheets. 

The full list of pattern making systems currently supported in Valentina is found here: Patternmaking References.

Additional, detailed instructions and examples for implementing specific pattern making systems is found here:

PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION, additional pattern making systems will be documented