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Why create Valentina? Aren't other patternmaking tools available?[edit source]

  • Valentina users have full access to pattern creation. Some patternmaking tools allow limited modification to patterns provided as additional add-on purchases.
  • Valentina's interface is based on the holistic workflow of patternmaking. It is more user-friendly and more efficient than if it were created by modifying an existing tool designed for another purpose.
  • Valentina uses open data formats which are readable by any computer system. Other pattern files can be used only by designers, patternmakers, and manufacturers who have purchased compatible systems. Valentina's commitment to open data formats is intended to increase collaborative efforts between users regardless of native language, skill set, or computer system.
  • Valentina is open source code, which means it will remain focused on the needs of its community of small independent designers, patternmakers and manufacturers. Functionality can be extended to be what the users want it to be!