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Pattern systems, like any business, can have a trademark on use of their company branding. You can mention the pattern system which was the basis for your pattern(s), but you can't advertise your patterns using their company logo or name. There are no copyrights or restrictions on use of the formulas. Pattern system publications have copyrights on text and images, so you can't copy-paste from the books (except in a review and discussion of the method along with attribution of the source). Copy-pasted text & images can't be included in distribution with your pattern. But you can develop your own images and write your own instructions. Since the methods aren't copyrighted, you may use the vocabulary terms from that method in your patterns and discussion about your pattern (Even though it is not legally required, it is probably good manners to mention where the terms come from). Most engineering disciplines have a precise, shared vocabulary due to this ability to refer to nomenclature used in an analytic method. [Note: Patternmaking traditionally doesn't have a "sharing knowledge" community similar to most scientific and engineering communities. Valentina is trying to fix this!]