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Can I use my current patternmaking techniques with Valentina? How is Valentina different? How can I learn patternmaking techniques?[edit source]

  • Users can use any patternmaking method they wish in Valentina.
  • Most patternmaking techniques use basic measurements and average proportions. Patterns made using basic measurements and average proportions require manual pattern adjustments to finish patterns for full or small busts, waists that are close in size or larger than hips, wide shoulders, muscular backs and necks, prominent abdomens, short or long waist lengths, etc. Valentina aims to provide tools to reduce the amount of manual work required for patternmaking.
  • There are many books which approach patternmaking by using formulas. Current books by Winifred Aldrich or Mueller and Sohn, or vintage books by M.Rohr or Ester Pivnick are good sources. Specific documentation for using Valentina is currently under development.