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Historical Patterns[edit source]

In relation to Historical Patterns, I am going to mention 2 works I found recently (moving these from the Seamly2D forum):-

" Vincent's systems of cutting all kinds of tailor-made garments : part 1 : dealing with the cutting of various styles of trousers, breeches, knickers, pantaloons, leggings and gaiters, and waistcoats" by Vincent, W. D. F (William D. F. (1860-1925),  published in 1903.  by the John Williamson Company in London.   Available  in scanned form at ""


"A Beginners First Course In Cutting, Part I & II" by Vincent, W. D. F (William D. F. (1860-1925)

published c. 1900, by the John Williamson Company, London.  

Scanned version available at :

The third work mentioned is:-

"The Cutters Practical Guide to the Cutting of Trousers" again by Willam D.F. Vincent...  but I am having difficulty confirming other details..