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(If there are objections, I'll remove this, but I was wanting to keep track of certain terms I'd encountered.)

'center front' - A line running vertically, representing the nominal center line at the front of a garment. May also be indicative of a 'seam' line in the same location.

'center back' - A line running vertically, representing the nominal center line at the back of a garment.

'circle skirt' - A skirt formed by considering the waist as a cricle, the radius of that circle + the skirt length being used to draft

'depth of scye' - A vertical distance (in some historical pattern systems), from the neck of the nape to a horizontal lane between the armpits typically at the back. (see Measurement: ?)

'dart' - 1 - is a fold sewn into fabric to remove ease or to assist in shaping (see [[1]]

'fish' (aka pence or pince in Italian talioring). A removed section of fabric along a defined axes, the removal being formed by symmetrical curved arcs, drawn such that the widest seperation of the arcs is of a defined width, lying perpendicular to the defined axes, at a defined point. Not to be confused with a simple dart, as they may be sewn differently according to a forum contributor with extensive talioring experience.

(see also -

'grading' - An adjustment process whereby a pattern or draft is adjusted for different sizes; Verbatim quote from - "1. Rule based grading: The original base pattern is created by using pattern formulas plus base body measurements. Each successive size pattern is drawn around the previous size pattern by extending out from specific points around the pattern outline. Lines and curves are drawn between the new points to complete the new size pattern.

2. Chart based grading: - This is the Seamly2D method. A Multisize chart is created by successively adding small amounts (as defined by a set of rules) to body measurements, starting with base size body measurements. Each size pattern is created by applying each measurement set directly to the pattern formulas – a copy of a smaller sized pattern is not required."

'gore' - A triangular, rhomboid or trapezoidal piece of fabric, typically used in the construction of shaped portion which curves, such as the sections of a skirt. ( See also 'section', 'pattern piece' )

'scye' - A curve typically representing an armhole in a design. ( see also, Typically formed from number or other arcing or curved edges on pattern peices, which combine to form the curve when the garment design is constructed. (See also measurement:L19-22,L29, L28)

'seat' - A measurement representing the maximum width needed to accommodate the widest point below the waist, (see also Measurement: G08,G09)

to 'square' from a line is to draw perpendicular to it, squaring from a vertical line means you draw horizontally to or from it a given point. (Seamly 2D has a tool for creating a point, perpendicular to a given line.)