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To customize Valentina to your personal preferences, select File->Preferences from the menu. Then, select any of the 4 categories of preferences available:

Configuration[edit | edit source]

The configuration preferences allow you to specify several language settings and to customize the Auto-Save feature.

Auto-save[edit | edit source]

By default, Valentina will auto-save the pattern file every minute (if you have any unsaved changes) to a file named after your pattern file with '.autosave' as postfix. We recommend you leave this option selected because this prevents you from losing your data after a crash.

Language[edit | edit source]

By default, Valentina will try to use localization to match your system's language. If none of the supported languages match your locale, Valentina will display text in English.

Select a different GUI Language to have Valentina display text in your preferred language. The change will be available after restart. A change in GUI Language not only changes the GUI, but also enables translation of measurements names in formulas.

If your preferred language is not listed, consider helping us to translate Valentina to your language. Just register at to help with the translation.

In the Decimal separator part section you can choose which decimal separator you want to use in formulas ("," or "."). By default Valentina uses the separator of the current locale. Note that you can't use both separators in a formula at the same time.

Choose the default units that will be used each time you create a new measurements file.

The section Label language shows you which alphabet you will use for auto-generation of point labels.

Pattern[edit | edit source]

The pattern preferences allow you to specify a user name, whether to use anti aliasing and the number of undo steps.

  • User name information is useful if you want keep information about the author.
  • Disable anti aliasing if you don't want to use anti aliasing in drawings.
  • Each undo step requires memory for storing data. If you experience problems with it, change the max count of steps. By default, the undo option doesn't have a limit of steps.

Community[edit | edit source]

The community preferences allow you to specify options for connection to a server for sharing your pattern. Currently in development state.

Paths[edit | edit source]

The paths preferences allow you to specify paths to different types of objects.