UserManual:Creating Patterns

This section explains how to create patterns in Valentina.

Warning: Understanding this section requires previous knowledge of pattern making techniques. If you are new to patternmaking, we recommend you first start with the instructional material listed in the Patternmaking References section.

Pattern creation in Valentina has three stages:

  1. Creating drawings
    At this stage, you draw points, lines, curves and arcs to draft your pattern pieces. Any objects you draw as guides, but which are not part of the final pattern, can be excluded from the workpieces on the next stage.
  2. Creating workpieces
    During the second stage, you select the points, curves and arcs which make up the workpieces. Once you specify the workpieces, you can add seam allowances.
  3. Creating layouts
    On the final stage, you specify the layout of the workpieces for printing or fabric cutting.


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