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Draw Mode[edit | edit source]

Seamly is an open-source software designed for clothing patterns, more specifically - at the moment - slopers, which must be adjusted for both seam allowances and "ease", the amount of extra space needed by a particular fabric.

The Draw Mode is designed to allow easy adjustment of a pattern to suit particular wearers. It is therefore entirely formula-based, where the simplest formula is a set figure.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A pattern is a collection of pieces, prepared individually. Drawing a pattern starts from a reference point. Construction lines are defined from there, until sewing lines are defined. Most lines are defined by one or more points, and occasionally angles. These ore measured anti-clockwise from 0 degrees = horizontal to the right. It is generally easiest to sketch in the line approximately first, and then refine it using the parameters boc displayed by double-clicking on the appropriate element. At this moment, notches, text, grain and other items are not yet defined, you'll have to add them by hand, this is very much early days of a work in progress.