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Valentina User Manual: Tape

About Tape

Tape is the integrated program that one uses to record and save Standard(Multisize) Measurements and Individual Measurements.

Starting a New Set of Measurements

Once you have Tape open, you will be presented with a blank screen which asks you to select a new measurement file. At this point, you may select File, Open, and select a measurement file that you wish to edit, or ... You may click on the 'Open Individual' Button to edit an Individual Measurement file, or ... You may click on the 'New' Button to create a new measurement file.


Standard (Multisize) Measurements

Standard Measurements are measurements that increase by a set value over a number of sizes and are determined by Height and Width or Vertical and Horizonal. For example, a person could wear a size 10 blouse, but, because they are short, the blouse could be worn as a dress unless they take the hem up. So by choosing both their height (vertical) and size (horizontal), a pattern for the blouse could be created that will automatically adjust the armhole, length to waist and many other dimensions to have as close a fitting garment as possible very easily, which could be used to create a pattern for someone who is very tall and relatively thin, as well.


I am repeating this bit about choosing the Height and Size of an Individual so that you can understand the importance of being accurate in entering the correct data into Tape. If the data is faulty, your patterns won't resize correctly and your patterns will be unusable:

An example of choosing Height and Size of an Individual who is 128cm tall and normally wears a size 30:
Gt00016.jpg Gt00017.jpg
Gt00014.jpg Gt00015.jpg

As you can see from the above images, I have changed the size and B11 has moved slightly to the right (A4 to B11 is the only line in this example that I am actually using a formula from the measurements) and you can see that the move caused the front shoulder to move out of the image.

Creating a Standard (Multisize) Measurements File

In this section, I will be creating a new Standard(Multisize) Measurement file so I will click on the 'New" Button.

A box will pop up where you may select the details of the new measurement file that you are creating:


In this case, I am using the standard measurements from 'Metric Pattern Cutting for Women's Wear' by Winifred Aldrich to base my patterns on. You will find this book on Amazon -

I have chosen to create a standard measurements file for a women's size 10 which is size 34 and the standard height falls into the 160cm to 172cm range so I chose the height to be 164.


Once you have done that, click on 'Ok' and you will be able to start entering the sizes that you require.


Groups of Measurements